Who is the best Sioux Falls Skyforce player of all-time? That certainly is up for discussion and depends on how you interrupt the question.

Are you looking at the most talented, the best all around player or who has the best stats in their time with the organization.

After scrolling through the history books of the Sioux Falls Skyforce, there are names that stand out and then there is the best player of all time in the history of the franchise.

Looking at the honorable mentions first, these names would make one heck of a all-time team.

David Bailey, Randy Livingston, Henry James, Jason Sasser, Dexter Pittman, Jarvis Varnado and Greg Stiemsma.

David Bailey leads the Sioux Falls Skyforce all-time in six categories including points and minutes played.

Henry James was a deep threat who seemed to be the ultimate professional.  Holding the all-time record in field goals made and three-point field goals made.

A fan favorite and three time call-up with the Spurs, Grizzlies and Mavericks, Jason Sasser has to be on the list.

Jarvis Varnado, Greg Stiemsma and Dexter Pittman are all current NBA big men who by sheer fact that they are on NBA rosters currently made this list as well.

In a close second as the best player in Skyforce history, was Randy Livingston.  A constant force in Sioux Falls, playing a long time for the Skyforce and making a name for himself on and off the court as another fan favorite, Livingston had the numbers to back it all up.

Near the top of almost every career list with the Skyforce, Livingston was a coach on and off the court.  Helping develop the young players and continue to strive on the court.

Now a coach himself, its clear to see how he was a leader for this franchise.

However, the award for the best Sioux Falls Skyforce player of all-time, has to go to Victor Page.

A standout at Georgetown alongside Allen Iverson, Page garnered the mentality that no one could lock him down.

He was a man on a mission, each and every night.  Always bringing the passion and the skills to the hardwood in his time with the team.

Ranking 4th all time in games played, 6th in Free Throws made, 8th in career assists, 4th in field goals made and 3rd in scoring, he could do it all.

Not to mention, any time a man goes and grabs a broom at  the Christmas Night Game at the Sioux Falls Arena and chases around the refs and other team, they get added bonus points as far as street cred.

So with all the good players coming through the doors of the Skyforce organization, it all starts and ends with Victor Page.