We all know how big of a hit Space Jam was with Michael Jordan leading the way.

The idea that a Space Jam 2 could be on the way has me thinking about who I would cast as the five Monstars in the remake.

The rumors are that Lebron James would take over for MJ in the movie and that would lead me to believe we'd have five new Monstars.

In the original, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, Muggsy Bogues and Charles Barkley were the Monstars.

If I were directing Space Jam 2, I'd go with the following cast as this remakes rendition of the Monstars.

Anthony "Uni-brow" Davis - New Orleans Pelicans

JaVale "The Great Adventure" McGee

Blake "The Beast" Griffin - LA Clippers

Kevin "KD" Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder

James "Beard" Harden - Houston Rockets

No new news on a actual sequel, but with the rumors circulating, I'm hoping my casting selections will make it to the big screen.

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