I think it's natural for everyone to have an idol of some kind. Idol examples being music stars, movie stars and most importantly sports stars.

When I was a kid growing up, names like Willie Mays were engraved on the bats we used in the neighborhood games.

If you dropped back to make a pass on the playground in a football game that was measured not by quarters, but by how long before the bell would ring calling everyone back to the classroom, Joe Namath might be on your mind.

So who's the greatest sports star of all time? Here's the results from the latest Harris Poll.

The top 10 greatest athletes of all time:

  1. Michael Jordan (basketball)
  2. Babe Ruth (baseball)
  3. Muhammad Ali (boxing)
  4. Serena Williams (tennis)
  5. Peyton Manning (football)
  6. Joe Montana (football)
  7. LeBron James (basketball)
  8. Tiger Woods (golf)
  9. Tom Brady (football)
  10. Wayne Gretzky (hockey)