To this day, I still can't handle some of the gruesome effects of MMA and fights I specifically watch in the UFC, but the entertainment value is out of this world.

Over the last eighteen months we've had countless members of the UFC on my radio show on ESPN 99.1 in Sioux Falls and the interest level for myself has grown exponential over that time and even more rapid recently.

I sit back and think why now? The sport has been around for so long, why have I been so slow to the table?

The sport has become so interesting to me as of late while before the effects of the numerous nightly beatdowns had me shying away and shrieking at the often knockouts.

Those effects still have me cringing at times, but there is a lot that I enjoy.

I enjoy the fast pace nature of 3 round matches.

I enjoy the tap outs.

I enjoy the frequency of the fights.  Fox Sports 1 has been great in the exposure of the sport and created so many more opportunities for fighters to make a living pursuing the dream of reaching the top of the weight class.

I enjoy the flipping Octagon too.  Just a legit cage.

I enjoy the at times hilarious outside sponsorships including the all time best, Condom Depot!

Strategy is key. But at the end of the day when two dudes are physically whipped in the late rounds and still are throwing haymakers and whip around kicks at speeds more on my level, it provides some really good entertainment as well.

I wish the guys didn't have to go through the physical beatings now and the through the inevitable long term effects of what could be really harmful conditions from battling in such a physically demanding sport.

That being said, the sport is growing and it seems to continue to work very diligently to improve as any sport does with health issues facing them now and into the future.

UFC has my attention.  I never thought they would.  I'm cool with it.  It's like when your Grandma tells you your taste buds are always changing so try her really good potato salad and one Christmas you tip back a couple of her good spiced egg nogs and try the potato salad and realize you're cool with that too. Follow?

You don't have to. What you should do is tune into the fast pace action of the UFC.

if you are undecided or a newbie all together, then decide for yourself and enter into the idea with a open mind.

I did eventually and my stubbornness still was rewarded with a product that I really enjoy.