The Buffalo Bills have done it again. They have fired a coach only to hire one of equal value.

The Bills got rid of Chan Gailey on Monday and apparently have hired Doug Marrone on Sunday.

The Syracuse Head Coach will leave the college ranks and get back into the NFL where he spent 4 years as an assistant and 3 years as a coordinator.

It's not that Marrone has had a bad run with Syracuse or as a cordinator that makes me leery of the move. The real reason behind me being a skeptic is the fact that the Bills didn't go out and make a confident, former successful head coach their new man.

With names like Lovie Smith, Bill Cowher, Norv Turner or even the hot commodity from the college ranks Chip Kelly on the open market, they decided to go a different direction.

Since Wade Phillips was let go in 2000, the Buffalo Bills have not had a winning coach and have filed through the likes of Greg Williams, Mike Mularkey, Dick Juaron, Perry Fewell and most recently Chan Gailey.

With inconsistencies across the board from special teams, defense and offense, it would of been a better idea to spend the extra money and give the adequate power to an established coach.

Marrone at Syracuse has won two lack luster Pinstripe Bowls in 2010 and 2012 and led the Cuse to a 25-25 record in his tenure with the school. Not exactly the cream of the crop from the college scene.

So I would imagine the headline two years down the line will be "Marrone Fired By Bills" and they will again make a mistake in the hiring of his replacement.