Marcus Smart found himself in a bad position this past weekend as he shoved a fan during the final seconds of a 65-61 loss to Texas Tech. The Oklahoma State guard was upset over language being thrown at him from Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr. Due to the altercation, Smart has been suspended for the next three games.

Now, let me at first be clear that anything Jeff Orr said towards Smart in any form of racial slur is not acceptable. There is no excuse for anyone to say anything along those lines to athletes, or anyone for that matter.

That also doesn't mean that Smart is in the right for reacting.

For much of the same reason you might want to write me and tell me how "awful" I am or "how I'm am 100% wrong on this," the reaction is what makes the suspension fair and justified. I will not write you back and degrade you for your comments. Heck, I'll probably just shake it off and continue my day. If I responded by ripping you apart, or in this case pushing you, I'd probably find myself out of a job.

In the heat of the moment, he acted in a way that he shouldn't of. If he would have just walked away we wouldn't have this discussion and one fan would decide that he has claimed victory. Too bad that "victory" is not one to actually be proud of. Better yet, if Smart would have walked away and alerted proper authorities about the situation, the man's "victory" could have easily been met with defeat.

We see this throughout every league, media outlet, and everyday life. Sometimes it's better for someone to just walk away. For not doing that, Smart will now sit for three games, which I find to be the right move. I think Smart realizes this as he has accepted his suspension and claims full responsibility on his actions.

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