Nintendo's Wii Party U is coming down the chute and its new trailer will show you exactly how you'll use it to fuel some fun times with your friends and family.

Wii Party U will feature board game-like experiences that use your television and will even let you play mini-games between rounds. According to the trailer, you'll also get to participate in game show-style challenges that take advantage of the Wii U's GamePad.

There are even some games that don't require the TV and allow you to play directly on the GamePad itself, which can then be used as a tabletop gaming device. The example they show in the trailer is the tiniest foosball table we've ever seen, but it certainly looks fun.

You'll have over 65 quick-play challenges and mini-games to choose from, so you'll never be starved of choices. If you're not the decision-making type, you could always ask the game's host, Party Phil, for a few suggestions based on the number of players and type of game you'd all like to play.

Wii Party U also has MiiVerse support, so you can jump online and check out things like ratings for some of the games.

Look out for the game when it drops for Wii U on Oct. 25.