When it comes to professional sports, you hear all the time, the phrases, "win at all costs" or "all hands on deck"... Two of my favorite sports phrases or cliches that are out there.

Obviously on the youth level of sports these sayings may not be appropriate, but on the professional ranks and even more specifically the NBA Playoffs, these two cliches are not optional, but mandatory.

On Tuesday Night, the Denver Nuggets were on the brink of elimination to the Golden State Warriors and the Nuggets took matters into their own hands.

Stephen Curry has been torching the Nuggets all series long and the Nuggets decided Game 5 was going to be different.  They came out physical and at some times, maybe even appeared to be dirty.

However, as game 6 showed, the physical play continued, yet the Warriors were able to adjust and become the victor, moving on to the 2nd Round of the NBA Playoffs.

The verbal spars from both the Nuggets and Warriors was ongoing the entire series and both coaches, Mark Jackson of the Warriors and George Karl of the Nuggets touted the line as well with their comments.

My point is this, people continue to try and bring the sportsmanship argument to professional sports.  Would it be nice to see more sportsmanship? Sure, but is it necessary? NO.

There are instances all year long in which players show great examples of sportsmanship and we applaud.  But when it comes to the playoffs, I don't think it is a flaw to "Win At All Costs".

Obviously Game 5 worked out for the Nuggets, but it wasn't the difference in the series.  However, I don't knock Denver for its strategy and essentially I approve.