According to Sioux Falls police, a woman was stabbed to death at 2:30 AM Thursday morning. She was stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens says the 21-year-old Beverly Whitney Guerra was found dead Thursday morning in an apartment at 1612 South Rock Creek Drive.

The suspect in the attack, Michael Richard Martinez, was arrested on 2nd Degree Murder and 1st Degree Manslaughter charges. Police Lieutenant Matt Burns says Martinez had called police and was attempting to revive Guerra when police arrived.

"We know from witness statements they were fighting, having a disagreement earlier in the evening," said Burns. "What precipitated the actual violent event we can only speculate. It perhaps got out of hand or obviously got out of hand."

Burns says Guerra's two children, ages three and six, were in a back room of the apartment when their mother was stabbed. They are currently in the custody of Department of Social Services.

Gene Hetland contributed to this report.

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