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One in three women who took their husband's last name regret it and wish they'd just kept their maiden name instead. This is according to a new study conducted by Female First.

That's not the only big regret when it comes to women...

One in five women claims they regret the name they picked for their child. One in seven even hates the name their parents gave them.

So if you're keeping score at home, in theory, some of these women are the same ladies who regret taking their husbands last name. Which means they now hate both their first and last names? It's all so confusing!  My own wife falls into that group. I have a feeling if I bring this subject up with her, I'll regret it!

Speaking of the subject of women and their regrets, there's also a few when it comes to romance too.

Many women reported regretting "letting the one they truly loved get away." The tragic story of a lost love with someone special that didn't work out from years gone by.

A few other common regrets by women include:  expressing a desire to have been kinder to a loved one, not divorcing sooner, not going to college and choosing money over life's passion.

And one out of every ten ladies are even on the record as saying they get annoyed when they meet someone who has the same name as they do.