During the time when the fans are in the stands is when players generally get noticed.  The gauntlet of competition defines one’s game to the masses of spectators and scouts.  

Within NBA Development League circles, a common trait among many young who strive for a goal in front of them is humility.  It’s because these ballers know all the work they do when the lights are off will get them closer to their goals.  Sioux Falls Skyforce guard A.J. Davis personifies that example as someone who hasn’t arrived, but continues to grind.  Since the end of the season in April Davis admits, “I just continued to work out the whole summer with my trainer.  I didn’t know where I was going to land whether if it was overseas or in the D-League.  I just kept preparing and remained humble.”

There are noticeable differences from year one to year two in the professional ranks says the former James Madison standout.  “Having that year of experience (changes the mindset).  I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect (last year).  It’s like learning a whole new game from college.  (This year) it’s like a refresher coming back for a second year to continue my career here.”

A common theme among the players in Skyforce camp is to not lean too hard on physical abilities.  Davis can point to the benefits of observation for playing defense.  “(There’s a lot to gain) from watching the NBA.  You understand more about defensive coverages (for example) and it helps me grow as a player.  Knowing your role within the system and knowing the game of basketball period will help you see a situation when you can make a play.  (Conversely) you can see when not to make a play.”  Davis also says he also worked on polishing a few elements in his offensive game.

Soon a summer of work will turn into a season of play for Davis and the rest of his teammates.

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