The WWE changed the design of its main championship title earlier this year. After forcing us to stare at the ugliest design in the 50-year history of the belt for nearly eight years, The Rock debuted the new title on "RAW" in February after Elimination Chamber 2013. Choosing the new look for the 50th anniversary wasn't easy. WWE released alternate conceptual designs and sketches for the title that they chose not to go with.

I think all of the other choices were pretty terrible, but they are funny to see. There's one concept that's eerily reminiscent of the current WWE Divas title, so I couldn't be happier that they went away from that style. Here are the unused WWE title designs (more sketches at

The best thing about the current title is the customization. You have the WWE logo dead center, but further down the strap are the logos of the current champion. The Rock had his Brahma Bull, John Cena has his "You Can't See Me" logo, and I look forward to seeing what logo the champions of the future will have representing them.

WWE could have chosen any of the presented designs, and I would have applauded them. I give it 10 years before WWE changes its logo, and comes up with another new championship title look.