Second screen experiences are going to be more common on next-gen consoles, and Microsoft has detailed how a few launch titles will incorporate SmartGlass to give us an idea of what to expect.

To this point, SmartGlass integration hasn't really done much in the way of innovating on the Xbox 360. That should change with the Xbox One however, as more than a few of the announced titles for Microsoft's new console will have specific experiences tailored for your mobile device of choice.

With Dead Rising 3, SmartGlass will act as the in-game smartphone of main character Nick. While completely optional, the integration will at least make sense in the game world, and will offer more than a list of achievements. You can receive phone calls and texts from characters in Dead Rising's world, which will lead to special missions only available with SmartGlass.

Additionally there will be a real-time map and mission progress breakdown available so you won't have to jump into the pause menu to check either out. Most importantly, you'll also be able to reach out for help with the ZDC Support app. When you're in a jam, you can request drone or air strikes to help clear out an infected area.

Project Spark will also have some intriguing SmartGlass functionality, even though it's not planned for the Xbox One launch. For Project Spark, the app is less of a companion, and more of a complete experience. You'll be allowed to play, create and share your work through SmartGlass. What's more, you could actually create a touch-based game designed to work specifically with SmartGlass on mobile. That same game could be remixed and remade to work on the Xbox One by you or any other players you've shared the game with. There will even be an option to craft a game that plays as normal on the Xbox One, but then might require SmartGlass in some areas to solve puzzles.

To anyone who previously played the Wii U version of Just Dance, the SmartGlass integration for Just Dance 2014 should sound fairly familiar. With SmartGlass, you can control an endless playlist at parties, adding and subtracting songs as you see fit to keep the dance party going. Just Dance also features a new Autodance video recording, which "the coolest moments of a party mixed together and presented as a music video at the end of a song." You can edit and share these videos through SmartGlass, adding extra effects and such for fun.

SmartGlass will be available on iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices, which means everyone should be able to take part in all the second screen action.