Major Nelson guides us through this video that provides a brief glimpse at the Xbox One's Friends App on Xbox Live.

The new Friends system will automatically add your old Xbox 360 friends, so you don't have to worry about hunting down your old buddies and adding them in manually. The only rub is that the cap is 1,000 friends, which is ten times the amount currently available on the 360.

As you can see from the video above, the Friends app features a clean interface with a menu on the left, a feed in the middle and more menus to the right. Going further down the screen brings you to your Favorites, which houses your fave buddies, and then your Party screen.

New to Xbox Live are followers, which are considered friends, but with separate privacy features. You don't have to add followers as friends, but they'll subscribe to your feed and can follow your activity on Xbox Live. This means that you could grow a pretty big fanbase if you were really badass at a certain game and posted cool videos of your gameplay. Conversely, you can follow other gamers and check out their feeds. It looks like a pretty cool way to connect with others on Xbox Live.

Watch the video above and listen to Major Nelson run you through the basics of the new Friends app. Look out for old friends and new followers when the Xbox One is released on Nov. 22.