Sports soundbites always find a way to make us a chuckle -- especially when the words take on dual meanings.

Take baseball for example --  a player could be discussing a crucial moment in the game and the second he starts spewing out phrases like "getting good wood on the ball" or "he was trying to squeeze me at the plate" we have to laugh because, deep down, we've got the comedic sensibility of a 10-year-old boy.

Yankees pitcher Hiroki Kuroda has been on a little bit of a slide. After a fantastic start to the season, Kuroda has lost his last three starts. Last night, Kuroda got knocked around by the last place Blue Jays, giving up four runs in the first inning. Thankfully, he's found the issue. It's because he's trying to jam his balls.

It's always about the ball movement, am I right fellas? Just don't jam them in there because you will always end up single.