A very dedicated group of archery enthusiasts in Yankton, South Dakota were right on target when it comes to the development of a world-class facility.

In 2015, the National Field Archery Association’s Easton Yankton Archery Complex hosted the World Archery Youth Championships. Then about six months later the site was chosen for two more international competitions.

Put in perspective, the land on which the complex now resides is less than a decade removed from crop production. What this area now is compared to future aspirations likely has some distance before reaching its full potential.

As far as the outdoor areas, there is quite an expanse for the competition portion which has rightly gained the lion’s share of attention. Digging a little deeper, there is ample opportunity to hone the skills needed to either perform competitively or hunt wild game.

Two trails mark the southern border of the range with paths marking the way to targets in the wild. Different elevations, obstacles, distances and targets give the prospective hunter ample opportunity to get sharp for the season.

World class and Yankton are synonymous when it comes to archery. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities to be in the spotlight for decades to come.

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