2018 marked the first year in a long time that the Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan didn't come through Sioux Falls and that left a lot of Twins fans with questions about why and the future of stops in the 605.

Immediately, I had those questions as well, but after a quick text to Minnesota Twins President Dave St. Peter back in December, I was reassured that Sioux Falls is always a priority and that they would be back sooner than later.

He said via text:

Caravan schedule is ALWAYS a challenge considering we can only realistically visit a portion of our affiliate markets. Rest assured, planing Caravan is something we take very seriously. Fully expect SF will be back in the rotation in '19 and beyond.

Obviously with the support the Sioux Falls area gives to the Twins, they realize how important this community is and they have always been so great to the Sioux Empire.

I think it is great that another community who had missed out in the past was able to experience what so many Twins fans in this area have been able to experience year after year.

Plus, the fact that the Twins came for so many consecutive years without taking a break shows how much they do appreciate Sioux Falls and the fans in this area.

This week on my show Overtime, Dave St. Peter reiterated their desire to be back in Sioux Falls with the Winter Caravan.

All Minnesota Twins games can be heard locally in Sioux Falls on Information 1000 AM.