It started out with just a few couples working out of their garage over 20 years ago.  Now Sioux Falls Cares has grown to thousands of volunteers helping Sioux Falls Families every Christmas.

This non-profit shares blessings making sure hundreds of families are not left out during the holidays.  And you can help just by volunteering for a couple of hours this Wednesday or Thursday.

For many years now my family and close friends have helped out Sioux Falls Cares to deliver much needed food, clothing, toys and everyday staples to needy Sioux Falls families.  It's sad to walk into a home and see the long faces of children who have parents working more than one job to support the household and leave the oldest child to take care of the rest.

I remember one year when we came through the front door, our arms loaded with food and toys, one child shouted, "Oh boy, we're going to have Christmas this year!"  His mother guided us into the kitchen where we placed all the food.  She opened the cabinets and refrigerator.  They were empty.

Your heart will be touched in a way like no other.  Let this Christmas be the start of a new family tradition for you by touching the lives of others.

Want to make a difference?  Call Joan, 332.9146.  To learn more go to