You thought the Princess of Hyrule would miss out on another big battle in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.? As if.

Nintendo announced Zelda as the latest playable character for the Wii U and 3DS Super Smash Bros., and delivered a bevvy of new screenshots showing off her skills. Zelda's been in a few Smash titles previously, but like so many Nintendo characters, this is the first time we're getting to see her in glorious HD. Though we've had many different incarnations of Zelda appear over the years, here she'll once again don the familiar Twilight Princess attire.

Check out the images below to see her reunited with Link, having a good time with newcomer Rosalina and not taking any gruff from Donkey Kong. We still don't know when Super Smash Bros. is coming out, but the more Nintendo teases us, the more we look forward to its eventual arrival.