ESPN’s Bob Valvano joins Jeff Thurn on Overtime.

To hear more of Thurn’s interview with Valvano, listen below:

What does a week like Jimmy V Week mean to Bob Valvano? 

"It's very emotional, but it's happy in a lot of ways because I feel like I get to reconnect with my brother. It's three times a year and now is one of those times. Then the ESPY's in the summer and the Final Four in March when they run that tape when he's running like a crazy man on the floor. So I feel like I get to see him three times a year, people and one of the things I like to do is I have a million stories because that's how he lived his life. Pick a few every year and share them and people are kind of enough to tell me they enjoy them alive. That usually triggers people want to tell me stories. Personally it's nice because I feel like I get to visit with him. On a much bigger scale, it's a really important fundraiser for the V Foundation. I do work for ESPN. So I have to take my ESPN hat off for a minute and put my V Foundation hat on for the board on and that will say, 'I'm so grateful to ESPN because the thing has grown the way it has is because ESPN has gotten completely behind it and believe it. They are sincere in their efforts.' So we make a significant amount of money and get the message out to people not only what we are doing but how we are trying to do it. That's a pretty cool thing and I wish Jim could see how this just lives on. It's emotional at another level because inevitably, as you know Jeff, people then come up with stories over the last year, people that have lost the fight against cancer or people that are in terrible pain or suffering right now fighting a disease and that's why we keep working every day. Because we obviously haven't finished the battle. So it's a reminder there's still a lot of work to be done.'

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