Former Southern California and Jacksonville Jaguars lineman Tony Boselli joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime. 

Boselli was an All-American at USC in 1992 and 1994 and will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in December. He was drafted by the Jaguars in 1995 with the second overall pick, and played until 2001.

Boselli on what it means to be elected into College Football Hall of Fame: 

"I've been telling everybody, I don't think anyone, and I didn't play the game to get to the Hall of Fame. You play the game to because you love it, first and foremost, and the competition and the guys. Obviously, you want to try to win a championship and be the best you can be. The fact those are the reasons you do it, but this is a by-product to be able to be recognized and the guys that went before me, like you said, and paved the way, and made the game for what it is. It's just a huge honor. That couples the fact, I have five kids, and two of them being boys, they didn't get to experience that part of my life with me and weren't born obviously. Now, they get to experience that, and be a part of the process. It's really fun."

Last week on Overtime, Rocky Boiman said he was embarrassed as a former player because it's a money grab. Thurn asks Boselli what his thoughts are on the latest lawsuit involving former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon:

"I disagree with them, and don't understand. I know guys are hurting, addicted to painkillers, and fighting injuries. Heck, I've had my fair share. I have shoulders that don't work that God designed them to work (laughs). But I would be hard pressed to believe that any of our bodies would not be the same if we played the game of football at a competitive level - college or professional. When we did that, we signed up for the fact to because we love the game and paid very well. Knowing that, our lives would may be at a lower standard or much lower standard. Then, on top of that, I know I did, and didn't see it in the locker rooms that I was pushed on to take painkillers. Were they offered? Sure, but I wanted them. I wanted something that was not breaking the rules of the NFL, but allowed me to play the game at a higher level because it was going to take away some of the pain and the edge off of. Allow me to play a little bit more free because of bumps, bruises, past injuries, or whatever it may be. It's not like I did it all the time, but you do what you have to do to get on the field and that's part of the game. Now, to turn around and sue the NFL for that, I don't buy it."

The latest NFL lawsuit is seeking financial damages and an injunction that would create a program funded by the NFL helping current and past players with addictions, injuries, and disabilities related to their use of painkillers. Eight players filed the lawsuit, including McMahon.

Boselli has also spoke out on CBSSports Radio, saying players know the risks they take when playing football.

To catch more of Boselli's interview with Thurn, listen below:

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