The new Minnesota Vikings Stadium is another year away but Meet Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Sports Facilities Authority are aiming for another event.

According to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Minnesota is placing a bid to host Wrestlemania XXXIII in 2017. If awarded, Wrestlemania would add another huge event to a list that already has the 2018 Super Bowl, and 2019 Final Four scheduled for the new building.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and Meet Minneapolis would have to out-bid Philadelphia who is also looking to host the event. Minneapolis holds an advantage over Philadelphia for having a roof over the building, compared to Lincoln Financial Field which is open air. Philly's advantage over Minneapolis is that there is a very long standing history of WWE running in that market.

Minneapolis, however, has the biggest negotiation tool in their pocket. Former Senior Vice President of Live Events for the WWE Patrick Talley is the current General Manager of the new Vikings Stadium.

Having been to four Wrestlemania's in the past, and attending a fifth at the end of March, this would be huge for Minneapolis. I've had the opportunity over four years to meet people from all over the world, ranging from the United Kingdom to New Zealand. The economic boost alone is worth letting WWE take over the city.

The WWE would have the new Vikings Stadium, Target Center, and the Minneapolis Convention Center all within a central area. Add hotels, bars, and restaurants, the city is a perfect setting for the event.

I've been hoping for a Wrestlemania to come to Minneapolis ever since the new stadium was passed. Now there is a chance and I hope that they are selected for the event. The winner of the bid for Wrestlemania XXXIII should be announced this upcoming December or January.