Sioux Falls mayor Mike Huether joins Thursday's edition of Overtime with Jeff Thurn. 

 Huether reflects on how tough it is to serve as Mayor of Sioux Falls: 

"It's one of those things that you have to earn the honor to serve the people, but ask anybody who's been in a campaign, it is not fun. But again, we earned the honor to do it, Cindy and I are blessed by it and by gosh, I'm still on ESPN radio talking with you guys about good things happening in Sioux Falls. So, I love it."

Huether shares his thoughts on where LeBron James is going to go: 

"I can't imagine in a million years that he would actually go back to Cleveland. But everything I'm listening to, everything I'm reading, there's a really good chance that he could. I think it's probably a lesson in forgiveness. In break-up modes. Remember how volatile that was when LeBron left and even the owner (Dan Gilbert) attacked him. It will be interesting to see, but I don't know. My guts says no, but I've been wrong many, many times."

What was your intial reaction when Jason Aldean was announced as the opening act at the Events Center? 

"I need to be careful, and I don't want to sound too political. Let me just say this, listeners and Sioux Falls people, I know SMG wants to provide the very, very best entertainment for all of you. You have my word as your Mayor, I will continue to put as much pressure on SMG as I can to bring in a variety of entertainment. To bring in a multitude of entertainment. And as well as to really to maximize the use of that facility at the highest level. Because we need to. My gosh, Jason Aldean sold out in record time. Eric Church sold out in record time. My gosh, even Cher sells out in record time. I think it just shows there is an appetite, this feel, for oh my goodness, get us some events here and there's good things to come. So hang on Sioux Falls. I know you've heard some complaints on ESPN you guys..I'm a huge rock fan, and we've talked about that, but we also, I embrace country as well. Let me give you a little scoop. SMG, they said that 2015 will be something for Sioux Falls that can't imagine. So, there's a lot more coming, and again, we are just excited, hungry for this grand opening, and all the things that are going to come with it, and we just want it now. We want it now."

Huether talks about the ticket process regarding concerts at the new Events Center: 

"It's part of the game, but part of the game that is so frustrating for a sport fan or entertainment fan who wants to go that favorite concert or that big Division I basketball tournament or that Super Bowl. It just seems like you can't access to it because they are already sucked up by the scalpers or by the big corporations. Right now, here in Sioux Falls, here's the deal folks, you have an opportunity to buy up to four tickets. That's it, and then it's open up to the next person. The issue is, it is 12,000 seats. So, you take 12,000 divided by four, that's 3,000 people that really have the opportunity to, if they wanted to fill the events center. It's a good problem to have, unless you are one of the people on the outside looking in who wants to get in also shows the demand for our new events center is huge. Remember all the naysayers, the critics. All the poo-poo guys who called into the show who said they will never sell out that events center? Remember that? Well, guess what. The first three that we booked, we are sold out in record time. So, you critics. I'm going to shut up right now.."

Is there a feeling that 12,000, looking into the future is too small? 

"I don't think so. I still feel like we that we did our homework. We can get about 13,200 in there for some of the events. Again, you have to understand, it's the opening act. There's this fever they want to be part of it. I think over time, this is going to work itself out really nicely and I think as we run this new events center like a business and operate this thing in the black, I think we are going to find 12,000 is going to be a real sweet spot."

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