Planning on doing some traveling here in the U.S. in 2015? The U.S. authors and editors of The Lonely Planet, suggest you give strong consideration to Queens, New York.

I know, as strange as it may sound, Queens, New York actually has much more to offer than just "The King of Queens" TV show. Who knew?

The folks at The Lonely Planet picked Queens as the top spot because quote, "It's New York's largest borough and is also quickly becoming its hippest, due to all the microbreweries springing up, along with new boutique hotels, a reinvented seaside at Rockaway, a world-class art scene, and a truly global food culture."

Anyone that lives in South Dakota already knows how many great things the Rushmore State has to offer. That's why the authors and editors at The Lonely Planet suggested Western South Dakota as a must stop.

The western half of South Dakota was chosen as the second biggest travel destination for any curious U.S. tourist in 2015.

Sure there are the faces. Everyone knows about Mt. Rushmore. But just think of all the photo opportunities waiting for would be travelers visiting locations like the 1880 Train in Hills City, or the Broken Boot Gold Mine in Deadwood. And who could forget nature's mystery area, The Cosmos outside of Rapid City, right?

All must see stops in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

As you're making your travel plans for the new year, The Lonely Planet folks also suggest you spend time visiting places like; New Orleans, the Colorado River, North Conway, New Hampshire, Indianapolis, Greenville, South Carolina, Oakland, California, Duluth, Minnesota (better bring a coat this time of year) and finally, Mount Shasta, California.

Those locations rounded out the top 10 places U.S. tourists really need to think about visiting in 2015.