Terry Ryan

Twins GM Has Cancer
Minnesota Twins GM Terry Ryan has been diagnosed with cancer and will not attend at least the start of Spring Training in Florida in order to address the illness.
The Twins released a statement from Ryan on Monday, describing the recent discovery of a lump in his neck by the team physician duri…
Twins Finish $49M, 4-Year Deal With Ricky Nolasco
Minnesota Twins general manager Terry Ryan would much prefer to draft and develop players, grooming them as they rise through the farm system and reach the majors at affordable price points. But after watching the worst starting pitching staff in the majors get bludgeoned for two straight years, Rya…
Twins Add Molitor To Coaching Staff
The Minnesota Twins have added Paul Molitor to their coaching staff, assigning him supervision of the team's base running, bunting, infield instruction and positioning as well as assistance with in-game strategy.
Twins Shut Down Mauer For Rest Of Season
The Minnesota Twins are playing it safe with All-Star catcher Joe Mauer after having seen up close the damage concussions can do to a player.

The Twins shut Mauer down for the rest of the season on Monday, saying it wasn’t worth the risk to try to get him back on the field with the team far …
Twins Future.. [AUDIO]
The Minnesota Twins have had a lot of success with Terry Ryan running the show prior to his departure as General Manager.  Since then the Twins have decided they are better off bringing him back and building toward the future.
Twins General Manager Terry Ryan joined Overtime with Jeff Thurn to d…

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