Sioux Falls continues to grow at a rapid pace and continues to be growing in more ways than one.

With expanded population, we have seen an expansion in housing, jobs, facilities and so much more. But can someone please explain to me why Sioux Falls hasn't added some more On/Off Ramps on Interstate 29 going through the southern part of the city?

I'm so tired of having to get off on 41st Street or going all the way around the 229 loop to get to 49th Street or 57th Street.

I have been told that the 49th Street on/off ramp would be too close to the 41st exit, but then just make it a off ramp to add convenience and add a full service exit off of 57th Street.

Two main objections will come from critics: how will we pay for these endeavors and what about the homes that are near the potential ramps.

Personally, I don't think either objection is that tough to overcome.

First of all on the budget side of things, Sioux Falls could find a way to make it happen. Add a private sponsor or just use some funds that are reserved for less important projects and allocate it to this project. This is overdue and needed immediately. Plus, I would enjoy exiting the "Denny Sanford Exit Ramp," wouldn't you?

As far as the homes are concerned, this is a great time to utilize eminent domain.  We have the law for a reason and I can't think of a better time to use it than now in this case.

If you choose to purchase a home near a potential ramp, an expanding city block or near a interstate, then you the home owner are taking a risk of possible being removed or inconvenienced, not our problem. Furthermore, we shouldn't be worrying about four or five families homes over the convenience of hundreds of thousands who would use the new ramps.

Hopefully, this topic will continually be discussed and more logical decisions will be made in order to move forward with such projects.  This city and its citizens deserve the opportunity to make it around the city quicker and in a more convenient fashion, this provides the perfect solution to a growing problem.