The best female skaters in the world come together in the Women's Skateboard Street competition, held on the final day of X Games Austin 2014. The women have two runs each in the first and final rounds to impress the judges by pulling tricks off the course's stair sets, manual pads, banks, and ledges. Best score wins.

On a day when inclement weather conditions threatened to evacuate the Skateboard Street park, the valiant effort of defending gold medalist Leticia Bufoni wasn't quite enough. She finished the the bronze position, falling behind 14-year-old Pamela Rosa of Brazil and seven-time medalist Lacey Baker, who earned her first gold with high-flying 90.66.

Check out the full final standings after our exclusive gallery, below.

X Games Austin 2014 Women’s Skateboard Street Final Results
1. Lacey Baker, 90.66 (USA)
2. Pamela Rosa, 87.33 (BRA)
3. Leticia Bufoni, 86.33 (BRA)
4. Vanessa Torres, 80.33 (USA)
5. Alana Smith, 78.33 (USA)
6. Rachel Reinhard, 76.33 (USA)